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September 1st Abstract submission – for lectures 3x
September 1st Abstract for short presentations
October 10th Early Bird
November 1st Abstract for posters; Latest registration online
November 17th Latest registration at conference
Latest News
December 15th
Resveratrol2016, the 4th International Conference of Resveratrol and Health Taipei Medical University November 17 – 19 2016
By Sami Sassi
December 21th
Photographs at Resveratrol2016 conference
By Janet Lai
Topics of interest included
  1. Resveratrol and Cancer
  2. Resveratrol and coronary-vascular diseases
  3. Resveratrol on obesity and diabetes
  4. Resveratrol and bone health
  5. Resveratrol and neuroprotection
  6. Resveratrol and longevity
  7. Resveratrol and inflammation
  8. Delivery, absorption and metabolism of resveratrol
  9. Combinatory effect of resveratrol and other components
  10. Naturally occurring resveratrol and derivatives























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